Mt. Timpanogos

This was taken after a spring storm.

Celestial Array

Spanish Fork Peak, Utah

May 2008

Heavenly clouds tower over the top of 10,000 ft Spanish Fork Peak before summer had melted the last remnants of snow. Also see the black & white version of this image.

Golden Cathedral

Escalante National Monument, Utah

May 2010

The Golden Cathedral is an amazing end to the incredible Neon Canyon of the Escalante National Monument. With deep rich green colors, the serene water complements the fiery red glow near the end of the day.

A Tangerine Blue

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

February 2009

It was a crisp February morning when I set out to take this shot I had envisioned for a number of years. I wanted to capture the contrast of the orange on the arch with the electric blue morning sky. The best part of this location is not just the magical glow on the arch but the staggering depth and beauty of the canyons below.

Emerald Flow

Calf Creek Falls, Utah

May 2009

Calf Creek Falls is a peaceful retreat, full of lush vegetation and cool breezes amidst the hike through the heat and parched desert. It is one of the most unique waterfalls I've seen, with the vibrant greens on the rock matching that of the full-grown trees below.

Ashen Flame

White Mountains, California

June 2008

As the summer fires raged in California, I explored the White Mountains, filled with groves of ancient Bristlecone pine trees, and home to the oldest living thing (The Methusala Tree) on earth. The age of the trees (up to 5000 years) is not the only intriguing thing about them; it is how they survive for so long that makes them one of the most inspiring stories in nature. They thrive in a low-oxygen, harsh environment, well above where most things can survive. When I found this Bristlecone, once-burned and now dead, in the incredible shape of a flame against the backdrop of the indigo mountains (colored purple due to the devastating fires), I knew I was a witness to something profound.

The Shimmering Tree

Moab, Utah

June 2010

Off I-70

Near Green River, Utah

February 2009

On a trip down to Moab, I was driving on I-70 near Green River following this storm that was moving at almost freeway speeds. I stopped a couple of times to try and capture the clouds (and some rainbows I saw) only to find the clouds blown away before I could even start the shot. Finally I was able to speed ahead of the storm by a few minutes, slammed on my brakes, and jumped out of the car. I set up the shot in record time for a large format camera (about 5 minutes) and took the shot just as the rainbow had started to fade — about 30 seconds later the rainbow was gone.